If the 70.000 followers on Soundcloud and the success of his Fusion Festival shows have demonstrated the appealing potential of his explosive live performances, after the 2016 Paper Hats EP for Formatik Records, Tinush has entered the higher leagues of the Tech-house scene.

His own productions have been sounding increasingly solid. Along with engineering fresh and tight percussive patterns, it pops out his passion for Jazz, orchestral music, a rich sense for melody, as well as a strong ability to arrange and combine elements coming from different genres.

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Tour Dates

  • 21. July 2018
    live @ Sonne Mond & Berge, Agarn, Switzerland
  • 16. August 2018
    Array @ Wilden Renate, Berlin, Germany
  • 13. October 2018
    Array @ Cute Room , Passau, Germany

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