When it comes to groovy tech house, you can’t deny to know these guys from The Coast. However the two Hamburg based guys Roman & Joerg are no strangers to the business. In 2013 they launched the meanwhile established Tech House project Kuestenklatsch, so their journey on a joint mission towards the Tech House Olymp has been going on for 8 years now. Now, countless club gigs, great festivals and around 150 published tracks later, this chapter is going to be closed – but only to make room for something new:

Even more exclusive! Even more international! Even more groove! The common path of Roman and Joerg continues –

Kuestenklatsch is now “The Coast”

“We want to give the whole thing a more adult, more professional and also a more international character, without changing the person behind the project. We are still Roman and Joerg and we want to stay that way!
Of course, there are also adjustments to the sound, but the musical direction will largely be retained … Just let yourself be surprised!

“The Coast” will still stand for rousing sets full of groove and energy, just as it is always the case with Roman & Joerg when they enter the stage.

We look forward to many more successful years with “The Coast”

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