Today Vivid Artists is chuffed to welcome a new talent to the fold in the person of Fixie Fate. Having started out as a showgirl on some of Berlin’s hottest stages over a decade ago, Fixie quickly developed a strong taste for having dancers vogue to her glitter-studded blends, cutting a lane of her own between funk-oozing house and discoid techno divagations. From her shy debuts in Berlin’s wild DJ life, her taste for late 70s-early 80s joints soon grew to include an even wider array of electro-related genres and styles, constantly pushing the boundaries between the world of drag clubs and uncharted spaces to conquer. The list of places she’s rocked includes Berlin’s infamous Kit Kat club, about:blank, Kater, Renate, Frankfurt’s Freud, Bootshaus in Cologne, Garbicz festival, Wurzelfestival and counting. What’s next for Fixie? Well, she’s slowly learning the ropes of production and refining her style, working on original material that shall encompass the core of her highly energetic sets and translate them into an avalanche of euphoria-inducing shockwaves and relentless feelgood vibes. Beware magma-hot Fixie Fate, as she’s about to crank up the heat one or two notches.

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