Alec Troniq gained major attention in 2016 thank to a wave of dense and fresh-sounding Tech House music groovers. While Flux FM celebrated the recent Knock Knock Knock Knock for Formatik Records, Annie Mac dropped Okay Alright (Wired Records) on BBC Radio 1.

His long-time fetish for music technology and hardwares exploration has been a solid base to express new ideas and multiple sources of inspiration drawing from Jazz, Rock , Breakbeat and Classical music. We can hear that in every second of his music from now and the past, reaching global success with umpteen millions of plays on Spotify and Youtube.

Alec Troniq‘s highly prolific moment seems not tiring up any time soon. In 2017 new releases will see the light for the likes of Snoe, Sacrebleu and for Formatik Records.

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Tour Dates

  • 10. January 2019
    secret show, Alectropolis, Germany
  • 19. January 2019
    Clup Help, Betzdorf, Germany
  • 26. January 2019
    Sektor Evolution, Dresden, Germany
  • 2. March 2019
    Weidendamm, Hannover, Germany
  • 16. March 2019
    Zwischenbau , Rostock, Germany
  • 13. April 2019
    Sektor Evolution, Dresden, Germany
  • 13. July 2019
    Altmühlsee Strand, Gunzenhausen, Germany

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