Alec Troniq is an artist on a mission. His edgy, almost punky style between ravin’ Electronics and nerdy Tech House is always peppered with an unorthodox handling of customized equipment. With full focus on creation and live performance, Alec’s idea behind music is more profound, than today’s superficial DJ’s self-promoting attitude. His raw and industrial „Alectropolis“ is an escape from the looming apocalypse. Recent co-conspirators are Andreas Henneberg, Dapayk, Format:B, Ramon Tapia, DJ Emerson, who are launching Alec Troniq releases on their own labels. Gather for the new rave!

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Tour Dates

  • 25. January 2020
    Sektor Evolution, Dresden, Germany
  • 23. February 2020
    Schaulust, Bremen, Germany
  • 10. April 2020
    Insel Der Jugend, Magdeburg, Germany
  • 10. June 2020
    Peter&Paul Waschbar, Regensburg, Germany
  • 4. July 2020
    Houseflug Open Air, Gunzenhausen, Germany

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